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Nouveau Eyelash Extensions

Nouveau Lashes are a groundbreaking new way to extend and thicken lashes to give long, full eyelashes that look and feel very natural.

They can only be applied by trained professionals using a state of the art technique applying one lash at a time to your natural lashes instantly giving you longer, fuller natural looking eyelashes you've always dreamed of. Wearers of these beautiful, well defined lashes can shower, exercise and even swim without worrying about them falling out.

Applied by the best in the business.  £65 New set

Maintenance. (3-4 weeks)  £35

(We don't infill our lashes, we remove and replace so you're guaranteed beautiful extensions every time)

Bottom Eyelash Extensions.  £10

Nouveau Lashes – Express Style 

Applied in just 30-40 min.  £35 (Last around 2 wks)

Removal.  £5

Russian Eyelash Extensions 

Russian Lashes is the latest lash technique to hit the UK, often referred to as 2D,3D,4D or 5D Lashes. These lashes are not cluster/Party lashes (which can produce a fake look) but very fine individual eyelash extensions.  This technique is ideal for Clients with fewer natural lashes or for those looking for a very full glamorous look. 

Flutter Lashes                                                                                                 £79

Extra Volume (4 hrs)                                                                                      £160

Maintenance Appointments

2 Weeks                                                                                                            £30

3 Weeks                                                                                                            £35

4 Weeks                                                                                                            £40


Party Lashes – False Effect 

For anyone who likes total Glam!!!  £20 (Last around 2 wks)

Removal  £5


LVL Lashes - Length, Volume, Lift 

If you are lucky enough to have thick, strong, healthy lashes that lengthen easily with a good mascara then LVL is the most cost effective, less maintenance option to eyelash extensions, using revolutionising perming techniques.

New version of a perm.  £45  (last around 8-12 wks}

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