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Are you looking to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, droopy eyelids or crows feet?

What is Advanced Plasma?

Advanced Plasma treatments are an alternative to surgery. The revolutionary ’soft surgery’ technique removes all the risks associated with surgery such as stitches, bruises, complications, anaesthesia and you will have minimal downtime. Not only is the treatment much safer than surgery, your results are instant!

How is the Treatment Performed?

The treatment is carried out using our Advanced Plasma Pen which ionizes gases in the air to produce an electrical arch, similar to a tiny lightening bolt. Using our Advanced Plamsa Pen we can pinpoint the exact area we want to treat and when the arch makes contact with the skin, the heat transfers through the epidermis all the way to the papillary layer where your fibroblast cells are located. When this happens, the skin cells instantly contract and tighten reducing the excess skin. By causing controlled trauma to the skin, the natural reaction in our body is to release collagen and elastin which improves our skin tone and texture.

Healing Process after the Fibroblast Treatment


The Plasma Pen Fibroblast treatment causes a micro-trauma on the skin and so the body’s platelets gather to form a clot. As the clots dehydrate, a surface crust is formed serving as a protective cover for the wound.


Generally, this stage may last 2-7 days. Macrophages begin to migrate out of the small blood vessels into the surrounding tissues, secreting enzymes to moisten and ingest the damaged tissue and debris.


It is the reconstruction phase during which the basal cell layers divide to produce more epithelial tissue beneath the crust. If there is no crusting then the epithelial mass will appear as a raised, inflamed area. The fibroblasts multiply and produce collagen to support and inflate the injured site.


The skin is structurally reorganised several times over the course of the next few months increasing in strength progressively.

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Plasma Pen Price List

Consultation (Redeemable on treatment)  £35

Facial  £75

Skin Tags, Scars and Calcium Spots from  £50

Upper Eyelid  £450

Lower Eyelid  £450

Upper and Lower Eyelid  £675

Brow Lift  £375

Crows Feet  £295

Top Lip Line  £325

Lower Lip Line  £325

Top & Bottom Lip Line  £495

Lower Facelift  £550

Nasolabial (Nose to Mouth lines)  £375

Neck Lift  £575

Decolletage  from £575

Hands  £495


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